Prim what the heck happend!

"Really! Put her on for me! I say happily as ever. He puts her on. "Prim! Oh my god are you ok! How are you feeling! Can you think staright, do you remember me! I say crying. "Katniss is it really you! I'm fine, I can think staright, I feel better than ever, and Katniss I do remeber you... I remeber everything." She cries happily. "I'll be their soon Prim I promise." The next day we get on the train and I tell Peeta everything. He starts to cry happily. Where soppose to be on the train for 3 days before we get to Beetes car and go to his Lab. "Katniss look at this! Rue says. I walk over and find myself in the future! People wearing outfits I've never seen before. "We must be in Future vill to drop off people on vaction." I say. Prim comes up and says "Mommy whats money?" she asks. " It's what you use to buy things." I say. "Why" I ask. "Because I meet a girl on the train and we started playing in the dining hall and we orderd food so I need money." She says. "Alright" I say giving her $20. As we un-pack I look around the larg room the provided for us. It has four rooms, a kitchen, four bathrooms, a window as long as couch. "I think they gave us this room because we saved them from putting their kids in the hunger games." repiles Peeta "Mabey or Beete really got rich." I say smileing. We both laugh 

The End

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