Trip to 13

Like Clove said she would be back to pick up Levvy on the third and she was. Levvy took her Mom's hand as the walked away slowly. "Wait! Clove! Here's are number if you have any problems." I ran up and gave it to her. "Thanks Katniss I'll call you later on." she says with a simle. After Clove and Levvy leave me and Peeta get Rue Prim and Cinna packed up for the trip. I hand my mom my number and give her anthor peice of paper to with are number to give to Cinna. As we hop in the car Rue look's out the window happily. District 12 has gotton SO much bigger. After I returnd home the people deiced they would clear off more land to make a city. So as we drive by we see very big bulidings with big windows. After about a-half an- hour We arrive at the airport to go to 13. When we borad the airplane to 13 Rue looks upset. I sit right next her, I brush her curly brown hair back as she falls asleep in my arms. I start to remember her from the games, witch makes me remember Prim. I remeber how when she died she told me to win, how I coverd her in flowers, everything. We have to spend one night on the plane before we arrive on the train to 13. My cellphone starts to ring. I pick it up... It's Beete. "Katniss I have great news! We raised Prim back! Shes alive and waiting for you!"

The End

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