13... is every thing ok?

"Yeah Beete there is.... your remember Prim right?" I ask "Oh Katniss please don't bring that up unless its important." He says sadly "But Beete I want you to raise her from the dead like you did with the other people who where in the hunger games before she died!" I cried "ok Katniss I'll see what I can do for you it may not work because the machine is very old but i'll try." He repiles. He hangs up the phone. The next day I kept the children at home with my Mom and me an Peeta head out to the place Clove said to meet her. "Good I thought you forgot! Somethings been going on Katniss something weird... Cato has been acting alright and safe ever since we had Levvy but now he's freaking out right in front of her..... This happend about 3weeks ago when we where out buying food Levvy droped some bread and he yelled at her. Then he started mouthing the words I HATE KATNISS REVENGE REVENGE! Do you think that Snow Hijaked him." It's possiable Clove really anyway were is Cato?I ask "Oh Cato has been walking around town for a while he has clamed down." She repiles "Now scram oh and good to see you "Lover Boy." She giggles when she says that. Me and Peeta walk home hand in Hand. "WAIT" I yell Clove runs over. "Do you want Levvy come to13 with us"I ask. "yeah do her some good to learn about the coulture" she says

The End

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