I Miss Are Old Love Peeta

"Peeta, I was looking on Prims shelf today and I saw us when we where seventeen." He shurgs "What dose this mean" he asks unsure. "It means I miss are old love the one we used to have until Snow Hijaked your mind."I cry. Tears stream up on his face. "I also saw my sister Prim." I rub my swelled up belly from the baby where having in a month "I was thinking mabey, just mabey Since 13 brought back all the tributs from the hunger games....they could bring back Prim from the dead, mabey evern your family." Peeta crys harder as if someone has told him he had to kill me and his children. "Mabey we..we should take a trip to 13 with the kids and everything. I can scrape up the money to do it." he says "You should call Beete and see if he can get us a hotle room." I grab the phone and call up Beete who is now 77. "Hey Beete! I'm sorry for calling you so late but me and Peeta where thinking about comeing to 13 for a week do you think you may be able to see if there is an empty hotle room for me and the kids." I say. "Oh sure Katniss I would be glad to do that! Any special reason your coming." He asks?

The End

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