Here we go again

Just then their was a nock on the door. Frozen in fear I walk over and open the door. Its my Mother with Cinna. "I thought you would want him with you"She says "Mom do you wanna stay here for the night." I ask. I would be glad to" She says "So anyway Prim what happend". "I was learing how to count money then all the sudden a blond hair boy trew a spear in the chalkboard and yelled "WHERE IS THE LITTLE GIRL THE CALL PRIM". The window was open and I jumped out and ran up that tree so they wouldn't see me a dark haired girl told me to stay their until my mom came. And the rest you know. I bent down to the dark haired girl and asked "Whats your name sweetie." She repiled in a shy voice "Lenna." "And how old are you" I asked "I'm five" she repiled "Well I'm going to let you stay here and I'll go find your mom." I said I walked out to the town with Peeta by my side. "Clove" I yelled. She ran right at me and Peeta and pulled us behind the dumpster "What are you doing here, Never mind is Lenna ok." Yeah she's fine I just want to know why you gave her to me." "Katniss I gave her to you because you where brave and right now I can't be their for her. I'll be back to pick her up in three days. On the second day meet me here again at 6:00 am!"She cried. "Now scram!" Me and Peeta ran as fast as we could home.

The End

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