Oh no

"Mabey"I say back looking as scared as ever. Then it happens. The T.V shoots on and a messege pops up! Evacuate! Evacuate! Four people have come an destoryed N.C Elemetry school right now! Partents of these children come get them now before they die. Rue looks at us. I felt a fear like never before shiver down my back. "We have to get Prim NOW! I'm not loosing anyone else Peeta!" He nods his head and we head into town. We see Prim high up in a tree screaming help! I climb up and grab her. I hand her down to Peeta! "Take her home" I yell. "I'll deal with them!" I grab a stick and hop down. I notice Clove is mothing something to me. I think she was saying Run! But why would she help me, I was the one who got her killed. But then it hits me. Clove, Cato, Marvle, and Glimmer have been around for a little while. Mabey Cato and Clove had a kid. Just then a Black hair little girl comes up to me, she looks Prims age. Clove runs over to me. "Take her, run home Cato wants to KILL you!" I pick Cloves daughter up and run. When we get home I notice Prim has a cut on her Forhead. "Are you ok, what happend"!I say

The End

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