The raise

It was Rues cry! I got up when Cinna stoped me. " Katniss I have not been onest with you, thirteen didn't rescue me. Thirteen raised me from the dead, they raised everyone in the hunger games." I looked at him. " Than what was that cry?" I asked. I got up an walked out side. It was rue! the same age, the same hight and the same voice! "Rue!" I screamed. She ran over. She looked hungry, "Rue are you alright" I asked "Katniss is that you!" she cried. I ran over an huged her. "No I'm not! I don't know where I am or where I was."  I looked at her. Cinna came out. "Katniss I don't mean to intrupdt but I was looking in the newspaper and found I job I like. It's diseng cloths, I called them and they can have me work tomarow. Best part is I'll be in distrect twleve still and close to you!" Rue looked confused. I kept her in my arms like I would with Prim. Never letting her away. " So Cinna your going to move out". "Yes Katniss I'm moving now actully, it provides a house so i'll see you around town." he said. As he left I asked Rue if she would like to stay. She said yes! 

The End

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