Cinnas new family

I offred Cinna a room in the house since we had one more. He aggred to my offer. "Mommy who is this" Prim asked. " I am Cinna" anwserd Cinna. " YOUR MY BROTHER!" asked Prim surpirsed. " I see you have children." He said. " Yes I do a boy and a girl and one more on the way.... its a girl. Their names are Primrose Annie  Mellark, Cinna Finnick Mellark, and we think the new baby girls name will be Rue Mags Mellark." " Wow Katniss how old are you now" he asked. "I'm twenty eight years old." I said  " An Peeta is twenty eight also." By night fall Prim and Cinna where asleep. When we all awoke Peeta took Prim down to the bakery before school. I took Cinna to my mom who now worked in the town. After that I started talking to Cinna. " I asked him " How did you survive that moment when the capitol beat you up." Well they threw me in their prison until thirteen came along to get Peeta and the others. On the way someone recognized me... I forget who. So thirteen got me an took me in their hovercarft. When we reached district two I asked them to drop me off there. They asked me why. I told them because I coundn't see you until I was ready." He said almost crying. I gave him a some what nice look. Then I herd it. A horriable cry.

The End

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