He he he's here!

After that moment I realzie something. Cinna was the inspire of the rebellion! If it wasn't for him I would have just been anthor girl in the games. "Mommy, is it all ture about the girl your sister everything?" Prim asks unsure. Yes I tell her "all of it" I grab her hand an walk back to the house. Its a big house, me an Peeta got it for a good price. He works in the bakery, we all do now. The house has three floors. It has a kitchen, four bed rooms, four bathrooms, a living room, a basement witch we use as a play room for Prim an Cinna. When we get in the house I hear a quite nock. I open the door an their he is! "Katniss!"He says he gives me a large hug. I hug him back. " Where have you been Cinna?" 

The End

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