The Games

Peeta comes back and hands me Cinna, as Prim crawls onto his lap.

"Daddy, what are the Hunger Games?" she asks him.

Peeta shoots me a look. I shrug and turn away, awaiting his answer but not wanting to look.

"They're...well....umm....they were a TV show your mother and I were in."

Prim rolls her eyes. "I know that, Dad. But what are they?"

Peeta sighs. "Do you really want to know?"

Prim nods eagerly.

"Katniss?" Peeta asks, and I nod. Very slowly.

"Ok, sweetheart." he says to Prim, and tells her everything. Every last bloody detail. I have so many tears that held back until now. I can't stop myself. I cry. I cry for everyone. Rue, Finnick, even Cato. I cry for them all.

I look down at Cinna, fast asleep in my arms. It makes me miss his namesake, my fashion designer for the Hunger Games. He was brutally killed, right before my very eyes.

After a long while, Peeta's done with his story. He's done with everything. As I turn back around, wiping tears from my eyes, Prim is silent. I can tell she's thinking.

"You all right, Mommy?" she asks, looking up to see my tears. I just nod and pull her into a hug. I'm not going to lose her again. Her or Cinna.

The End

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