The Hunger Games : The Life of Katniss and Peeta's Children

    I look down at the little girl who has dark hair and blue eyes. This is Prim. Not my sister, but my daughter. Any way my sister is dead. We don't know who did it. Gale, Beetee, or the Capitol. No onw knows.

     Peeta's sitting across from me in our little meadow bench, holding Cinna. My chubby baby boy.

      Peeta gets up to get some water, but I know that's not the problem. I know he's having flashbacks of the arena. I know just how it feels i get them almost every night unless I go to bed before Peeta. Then when it's his turn to go to bed. He falls to sleep instantly while I'm in his arms.

      "Mom, why are people saying your name at school. They say you were in the Hunger Games. I don't know what the are?" Prim asks sitting in my lap.

       "Well." I don't know how to tell her this she's only seven, but when Peeta gets back I'll let him tell her.

        "Well, dad can tell you okay. I'm not good at explaining it."



The End

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