I was so focused on forcing myself not to cry, that I bumped into a boy. He was older and more mature than me, possibly in his last reaping year. Lucky him. I knew him from school. Thrash, I think he was called. "Sorry," I muttered and dodged past him. He grabbed me gently by the shoulders. "Hey, you're Rue aren't you?" He asked. I nodded silently. "I'm Thresh. Isn't it your first year of reaping?" He asked. I nodded again. Typical. I couldn't get away from the games where-ever I went. "You don't talk much," He commented. I gave him a shy smile. "I'm terrified and it's my last year. You're not the only one who's scared, you know. My Mum keeps nagging me to forget to be afraid. She says that if I can survive six years then I can survive the seventh but I'm petrified all the same," He said, smiling at me, "anyway, good luck at the reaping."

He left me thinking about what he said. He was scared too. I turned back to go home and prepare myself. If he could survive six years then so could I... I have to. For Forest's sake. 

The End

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