"It won't happen,"

It was still early. I'd tried sleeping but whenever I finally managed to flashes of the nightmare reminded me that today could be my last day at home. No. I couldn't think like that. Forrest needed me and surely Faith would be pitiful and let me stay. Yeah, I'd be fine. It would be like any other normal Hunger Games. Someone older than twelve was always picked. If I could survive just another year then Forrest would be better and if I was picked then I know she and Mum would survive. "It won't happen," I repeated to stop myself from running away. 

It was now half past 7. The Reaping is at 9. I decided to have a walk, take my mind off things. I scribbled a note:

Dear Mum and Forrest, I've just gone for a walk to clear my head. I'll be fine so don't worry about me. I'll be back before 8:30. 

Love Rue.

I walked. As far away from anywhere as possible. I didn't - couldn't - look back. I was really scared now. Not for me. But for poor Mum and dear little Forrest. 

The End

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