The Horror Dream before the Games

I was running through the forest. Peacemakers were chasing after me, along with over six dogs and Farmer Hanson. The forest seemed never ending. Everything was getting closer; the dogs so close that I could hear their panting. I kept running but my legs were burning. I couldn't keep this speed up for much longer, yet if I stopped I'd get eaten alive by the angry pack. I suddenly noticed my mother and Forrest. Mum was hugging on to her like her life was almost over. Then I realized... They were surrounded by hungry-looking wolves. I headed towards them. One of the dogs skidded in front of me. I halted suddenly. I was surrounded. The dogs were edging closer, as were the wolves. I screamed and Forrest looked at me with her deep brown eyes. Her long, dark hair swirling round her in a curtain. 

I woke up, sweating and panting as if I'd really just ran at that speed. I'd had that dream the night before the Hunger Games every year since I was 6. I got up and checked that Forrest and Mum were alright. The reaping was today. It's unlikely that I will be picked but I must not get my hopes up. Anyway, apparently you're treated like royalty before the games so I'll have nice food and training before. Wait, they're fattening us up like pigs, ready to be slaughtered...

The End

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