Dr. Lowe, the hero

Mum woke suddenly, realizing that Forrest was in trouble. We hauled her onto the sofa and I panicked. "Rue, get Doctor Lowe!" Mum shouted. I hesitated, taking her words in. Suddenly, I ran  down the street towards Dr. Lowe's house. Shouting at the top of my voice, I banged on his door, wishing he would answer sooner. The door eventually creaked open. "Rue. What's the matter?" He said quietly. Thankfully, we know Dr. Lowe from school so he's always been a friend. "Forrest!" I howled, "She's choking!" Dr. Lowe immediately reacted. He'd always liked Forrest and in a matter of seconds we were racing down the road.

I stood in my bedroom with Mum, hoping Forrest would be okay. Finally, Dr. Lowe came in. I held my breath. "Forrest is fine, just a little shocked. There was poison in the apple. I don't know how but Forrest ate the apple and... well, got poisoned." I sighed with relief. Dr Lowe left and a nasty thought hit me. The reaping was tomorrow. If I got chosen then how would Forrest ever survive. The doctor said she needed love and care. If I wasn't here then Mum was going to have to make up for me. She could never do that in her state. If I was chosen for the games then Forrest would never recover... 

The End

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