I spun round. Deep grey eyes bored into me. Farmer Hansen glared round me. "No illegal trading, I hope," He snarled. Suddenly, his dog started leaping around me excitedly, barking loudly. I pulled away but he had me tight around the wrist. "No escaping me this time. Give me one good reason not to report you to the Capitol," He smirked. "I... um... need to get home. You... know how ill my Mum is," I stuttered. His grip loosed. I ran for it, sprinting home as fast as possible.

Forrest was in the field, harvesting corn while Mum was in bed, resting. I shouted to Mum that I was back. She groaned and stirred quietly. I left her to wake up and went to help Forrest by picking a few apples. We were allowed to eat the apples as we weren't to supply them. I threw Forrest a juicy-looking, ripe apple and smiled. Then I remembered the reaping tomorrow. I sighed and lent against one of the sturdier branches. I hid in the leaves, hardly noticeable. I was about to take a big bite but suddenly noticed Forrest. She was lying on the floor, the apple had rolled away from her open hand. I gasped, dropped my apple and slowly began dragging her towards the house, hoping Mum could help. Suddenly, Forrest started choking, gasping helplessly for breath... 

The End

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