The Hunger Games - Rue

This is the story of Rue. The girl who competed in the Hunger Games at only twelve years old.

Tomorrow was the reaping. I didn't want to think about it. The Capitol took everything from me. From everyone. Even my Father. He was caught eating the wheat that was growing. He was testing if it was ripe or not. Sadly a neighbouring farmer caught him and reported it. He was killed but if the corn was not ripe then many more would be dead. I was only 6. Now I'm 12. I have to keep the family going. Mum is busy in the small patch of field we own with Forrest, my little sister, looking after her. She's only 7 but she has to make sure Mum doesn't over-work herself. Mum isn't very well. My job is to trade whatever I can find at the market. I normally gather roots and try to make bunches of flowers with the few I can find. 

I go about my business, collecting flowers to sell together. I'm looking for the same sort of similar ones. Finally, I find some decent ones to sell and begin wondering round, asking people if they would like the whole bunch. If that doesn't work then I sell them separately. Luckily, an old lady stopped and saw me. I was a little dirty but she didn't mind. She bought the whole bunch and gave me a large loaf of bread and two fish. I turned round to run home. Suddenly, someone snatched my wrist. I screamed.

The End

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