Arriana. 16. Blonde. Blue. Pale. Whats new?

As Daniel reached his hand up to my face I felt the hairs on my arm raise up... I leant in to kiss him, and his lips met mine softly. Thinking of how much I loved him made my heart ache.


We lay on Daniel's bed. 11.36 pm, his glow in the dark clock flashed at us. His arm was around me lovingly, one of my hands on his face, the other on his bare chest. He wriggled to turn his clock over; we lay in total darkness, the only sound was our breathing, the only smell was our breath, the only thing in the world, was us.


Can I remind you, that was 12 months ago. 1 year. So much has changed. And if you can be patient, then I might just explain why love hurts...

The End

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