The Hunger for Love

A teenagers journey through that all encompassing feeling called love.


It's both beautiful and hideous.

I love love. Truly. I see all the joy and comfort it gives to people, how it can heal the soul, and completely change a person for the better. Love is just so amazingly awe inspiring. The sure force of the first time you fall in love is enough to make you a believer. Every moment, every breath, every caress and kiss shared is magic. You can remember it exactly like how it was when it happen.

But love is cruel as well. Love can kill. Love can maim. Love hurts the most when your love is never realized. Even if you told that special someone - no! that doesn't even come close to describing the importance of them - that figure of perfection and heavenly deliverance, if they don't give you the decency of a reply, even a horrible gut wrenching rejection, you're never satisfied. And worse, your love is sure to continue.

I used to think love was supposed to be like the things I saw in movies. I would meet him and when  we first saw each other, nothing would break us apart. He would be perfect, down to his personality, his plans, and the way he enunciated every syllable that left his lips. I would be a goddess to him. We would never fight; it just wouldn't ever happen.

I was just that naive.

It's taken me what seemed a life time to figure out the truth about love. And I haven't even done more than scratch the surface. Now...

All I want is someone who will look me in the eyes, tell me that he loves me, and who I can honestly say I love back.

Will you help me? Will you help me tell the rest of the world about what scary truths lie in love? Or, are you like the rest of them? Trapped in the sugar coated media endorsed "love".

Either way, I'll save as many as I can.


The End

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