The Hunger

Emily has always been an outsider. But that's because no one understands her. She's a vampire. She feeds. She kills. So what? But another vamps in town, and things get messy. A messy kill, and all the evidence points to Emily....

So  there I was, walking down the street. When some kid on the other side of the street yells; "FREAKSHOW!" I mean, I don't even know the guy. But he has to go and yell some rude comment about me. I could see him perfectly in the pitch black. And I can move swiftly in the pitch black. Well, he's not going to last very long! I thought to myself.

I flitted over to him, so one second I was on the other side of the street. The next, I was right beside him. He looked horrified.

He smelled gooooooood.  I could hear the fresh blood pumping through his viens. I extended my fangs. He just stared at them. In the 'modern' vamp stories, vampires either have fangs all the time or don't have them at all. But we do, it's just they are extendable, like, one secont they're there, the next they look like noraml teeth.

"w-w-what are you?" He stammered. He was shaking. I could literally hear his brittle bones rattling. I smiled a kind smile. He looked mesmerised for a second., as I dazzled him(cool vampire power.), then he went back to looking scared.

"Vampire."I said gently. "Don't worry. I wont hurt you. You wont feel a thing." I always promise this before I kill.

I moved his collar out of the way and sunk my teeth into his neck as if it were butter. And sucked, well, sucking makes it sound gross, I could say...uhhh...well, I can't think of any other word to describe it. His self defence became more feeble, and he was dead before I'd dried him out. I droped him and he slumped to the floor.

Now, that would keep me happy for a week or two.....

The End

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