This is going to be a story that comes from the all of the willing imaginations of participants. In order to do that, I plan to write very small sections at a time, that is why I started it off small. I had in mind a mysterious, science fictional book where a girl, Emily, winds up starting the new civilization of [where]? Please participate and have fun!


"What the hell is this?!"

"This isn't funny you sick creep! Where am I?!"

My voice echoed for a very long time before it faded to an inaudible mumble.  I was certainly in a very large area. Out of breath and plunging into a fit of anxiety I stood up. The floor was obviously some sort of grass but I could see nothing. The entire expanse around me was pitch black and my entire body felt as if it had been freezer-burnt. It was a subtle burning feeling, though, not like a blistering pain. I could feel the dense air sinking all around me and the humidity of it made it feel like I was breathing in fog. 

"Hello Emily, it's nice to see that you're awake." reassured a consoling but alarming voice.  "You may feel a temporary burning sensation in you're extremities; I assure you this is normal. It as well as the mild nausea you are experiencing is from a very strong sedative we administered to you earlier. It seems that it has begun to subside." 

The voice sounded so smooth, so velvety. It was a woman's voice. 

"You may have some questions, but please abide until the upcoming instructions are tendered." 

A piercing thunder of static blared into my ears and I collapsed in pain. Instantly my ears rang with an intense high-pitched tone, and a few seconds later I could hear nothing. Almost simultaneous to the explosion of static, I could see the world around me as it was illuminated from an unidentifiable light source. My heart began to race and my vision blurred as I clawed the earth trying to regain balance. Where was I?

The End

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