The Human Factory.

             In the winter,cold air rolls of the lake and drenches the city in snow. As I run to East Seventy-First Street, my steel shell doesn't feel a thing. Hopefuly, I'll be able to catch Forty- five before he goes human- I don't want to experience the transformation alone.

          Night has fallen by now, and without Control I have to manually turn on my night seeing mechanisms. I slide my fingers up my cheek and push the metal temple in. With a click, the street unfolds before me in infrared light, and I'm able to see the sign telling me I've arrived.

        The warhouse Forty-five mentioned is at the end of the street. Hardly any light can be seen from it, but I tust Forty-five to have the right address. I slap my steel legs so that I can remember the way they sound. In a few minutes they'll be gone and I want to savor their strength. The steel skin rings as clear as a church bell and I am satisfied. Turning off Control opened my emotions, but once I go human, I'll be able to feel the slap. I'll be able to feel everything.

        The door is thick and made of overlying sheets of titanium. Rusty rivets hold the sheets of metal together, strengthening their armor. After switching off my night-seeing mechanisms, I push the plastic doorknob and jump back; I'm afraid of what lies behind it.

       Within a few minutes the door slides open and orange light spills out onto the soft, blue snow. A robot quickly moves in front of the gap and its frame, blocking my view of what's inside. He's not Forty-five, but he must have been made of the same mold; a rectangular head rests on stiff aluminum shoulders. I wonder when the last time he took an oil bath was.

        "What are you doing here?" The robot demands.

         For a split second, I consider turning back. I could just reach behind my head and turn Control back on. I could go back to my life; my easy job, my strong body, my perfect fit into society. But, what would I loose? Control would kill my curiousity. I'd never feel anything; I'd never experience joy or taste my food. There'd be nothing, because I still wouldn't be alive. I have to do this, I realize. I have to know what life is like. "I want to go human." I say.


The End

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