Monster of the Past

Chapter 3

Arden found himself lying in his bed with Theo beside him. 'What happened to me Theo?'

'Thank goodness you're awake young master! I heard you screaming, so I knocked on your door then I heard something fall. I was asking you what is wrong but you weren't answering. So I took the spare key and opened the door then I found you lying on the floor, unconscious. '

Arden sat down. Still with pain in his chest. 'Theo, please leave me alone first. I need sometime alone.'

'Will you be alright alone young master?'

'Yes.' Arden said with a reassuring smile and faded as Theo left the room. Arden putted his hand on his chest. Still feeling the pain.

Why am I like this? I was starting to forget about you. Why did you come back to my thoughts? Why?

Tears fell down from his eyes when he suddenly heard knock. 'Young master! The princess wants to see you.'

'Where is she?'

'She is beside me right now young master!'

Arden fixed his clothes and hair, making himself look presentable.

'Please let her in.'

As Veronica entered the door and Arden bowed down then Arden took a chair for her to sit down on. 'Please take a seat Your Highness.'

'I would like to sit beside you, if you do not mind.'

'Please do what you please Your Highness.' Arden said, clearing the his bed for the princess to sit.

'Theo told me what happened. Is it alright if you tell me what happened?'

'Theo told  Your Highness about that? How embarrassing.'

'Please do not address me that way when it is only the two of us together. Call me Veronica.'

'Yes Your High- I mean, Veronica.' Arden laughed and looked at Veronica. Veronica smiled, and started blushing.

' So, are you willing to tell me what happened?'

'It was five years ago when I saw a beautiful woman. Her black hair, dark red eyes and her beautiful smile. She was my classmate back then but I barely talked to her, I was too shy to do so. I would always stare at her and she would some times look at me too. Ever since I met her, I kept on thinking about her. She was my inspiration. Because of her, I started composing music.

A year has passed, I was just doing the same things, staring at her, thinking about her. I never got the courage to talk to her. I don't know how the men are able to approach her and talk to her and I just envy those men.

After a year, school was over. Everyone went on their own ways. I became a famous pianist while she became a business woman. One day,  after my concert, a man asked Theo if he could see me and I said yes. That man talked to me and gave me compliments saying that he loves my compositions and then he introduced me to his daughter, Deborah, the girl I love.

Days, weeks and months has passed. We have been good friends but I never told her how I feel about her. I was still that man who lacks confidence despite the fame I reached.

I told myself that being friends with her isn't enough. I don't want to see her with another man. I want me to be hers and I want her to be mine. So I tried to build up my courage and tell her what I feel about her.

One day, we were alone together in my piano room. Playing one of my compositions I made for her The Lover's Waltz.  And that time, I know it is the time I should confess.

'That is such a lovely piece what is the title of this one?'

'The Lover's Waltz.'

'I see. Please continue composing. I would love to hear more of your compositions!'

'This composition is so special.'

'The way you look and play it tells me it is really special Arden.'

'I'll tell you a secret.'

'What is it? I would love to know!'

'I swore to myself that I will only play this piece for the woman I loved the most.'

'You mean..'

'Yes, you Deborah. I loved you ever since I met you. I just didn't have the courage to tell you. You are the reason why I started compo-' I suddenly felt Deborah' s lips touch mine.

'I thought you didn't feel the same way I felt Arden, but I was wrong.' She kissed me again. 'I love you too. I have always loved you.'

She loved me too. She has always loved me.

A month after, I proposed to her. My family accepted her, so did her family. We were happy together. I would compose and play music for her. We were so happy then. Five months after I proposed, she told me she had to leave for another country and she would stay there for a year because she needs to assist her father in their business.

I came with her to see her before she leaves. 'Arden, don't worry, I'll  be back soon.'

'I'm sorry.'

'Why are you saying sorry. There is nothing to be sorry about.'

'I'm sorry I can't come with you.'

'I understand. We have our own lives and career too. You shouldn't be sorry.'

'Can't you not go?'

'I'm sorry  but, I should leave. My father needs me.'

I bent down to kiss her. Then I hugged her. 'I'll miss you.'

'I'll miss you too.'

'I love you. Don't forget to send me a word.'

'I won't I love you too.'

I tightened my hug, I didn't want to let go of her so soon yet but her father called her. 'Deborah! The ship will leave in a few minutes! We should get in.'

When they were about to enter the ship she turned around looked at me for the last time. 'I'll be back, I promise.'

I waited the for the ship to be out of my sight. Then I left the port. Being separated from her for a year hurts.

It was a week after her departure when she sent me a letter.

My beloved Arden,

I miss you so much. How are you doing there now? Are you still composing? Do you still perform? I miss our moments together. I hope I can go back now. I miss your music, your compositions everything about you! I miss them all.

Everything is fine. Don't worry about me. Our business is doing great here. But I still can't promise you I'll be back in less than a year. I'm sorry.


The End

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