Nightmare of Yesterday

Chapter 2

'I'll be back soon.'

'Everything is fine. Don't worry about me.'

'I'm fine here, I'll see you someday..' Those words flashed through Arden' s mind as he plays the piano.

'I might stay a little longer.'

'There is a little problem here, I can't go back yet.'

'I promise.' They keep on bugging Arden' s mind. Terrifying him every time.

'She's dead.' Arden started to tremble, feeling cold. His hands froze. As tears come out of his eyes,  he fell. Memories from the past, the nightmares of yesterday torturing his mind. Killing him from the inside like a monster.  Still trembling, Arden slowly went out of the piano room,  when he suddenly fell again. 'Young master!' Theo said, rushing towards Arden. ' I shall help you go to your room young master.' Arden reached for Theo' s hand and got up.

As they reached Arden' s room, Theo assisted Arden in lying down.

'Young master, I shall tell the managers of the Jean Philippe Opera House you can't perform on Friday.'

'NoI will perform. This is just caused by stress. I just need some rest.'

'But your father will be worried about you young master.'

'That is exactly why I am going to perform.' Arden said. Trying to convince Theo that he is fine when he isn't actually. 'You may leave now Theo.'

'Yes young master.'

As Theo left the room, Arden gave a sigh of relief.

'I should leave.'

Arden did it again, he shouldn't be thinking about the past but he can't help it.

'There is nothing to be sorry.'

'I'm sorry.'

Those words, terrified Arden again. He started trembling. Worse than before. He was being tortured. Even before he knew it, he was crying again. The burden in his heart was just too much to hide. It was too much. He couldn't take it anymore. Arden screamed and screamed.

'Young master! Please open the ..... young master! What is .... there!' Arden felt so weak. His vision got blurred. He felt everything slow down, then he fell unconscious.

The End

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