The Hum of the Love Birds

Chapter 1

'That piece sounds familiar to me' Princess Veronica said as she watches a pianist play in a concert. '

The Hum of the Love Birds Your Highness. That is his father's composition.' Theo said as he adjusts his glasses.

'I see. What is his father's name?'

'Percival Aaron Fitzgerald Your Highness. The King is one of his patrons.'

'A brilliant musician he is then!' Exclaimed Veronica.

'A genius actually Your Highness. He was exposed to music at an early age. Percival is a good friend of mine. Thus making me the manager of his son Arden Louis Fitzgerald. ' Theo added.

'Interesting, no doubt his son also turned out to be a great pianist.'

Veronica said as she looks at Arden, looking at his beautiful, dark blue eyes that caught Veronica's attention and interest in that man.

'Theo, does he teach piano?' Veronica asked, eyes still fixed on Arden.

'I haven't actually seen him teach but I shall ask him Your Highness if you are interested.'

'Please do ask him if he can teach me.'

The concert finally ended and Theo ushered Veronica to her carriage. 'Your Highness, thank you for coming to my young master's concert. It is such an honor for us.' Theo said as he bows down in front of Veronica.

'Tell me when and where will he perform next. I shall come.'

'Jean Philippe Opera House on Friday at six o' clock in the evening Your Highness' Theo answered happily.

'Well then, I shall go now. Farewell.'

'Farewell Your Highness.' 

As the carriage left, Theo went to the room for the performers. 'Brilliant performance young master! It looks like you have another patron!' Said Theo.

'Thank you Theo. Oh, can you do me a favor?'

'Yes what is it young master?'

'Tell the one who invited me that I said thank you for inviting me to perform then tell him I won't be able to see him because I need to go back to our hometown to take a short break. I'll wait for you in the carriage.'

'Yes young master.' Theo  said, watching Arden leave the room.

As soon as Theo arrived, the carriage left. 'Young master, the Princess is asking if you could teach her piano.' '

I can't' Arden replied instantly. 'Tell the Princess I'm sorry but I don't have free time.'

'I shall young master.' Theo replied with a sad look on his face. After an hour, they arrived at Arden' s house. 'Hello Arden! I heard you did well on the concert this afternoon.' A familiar voice said from behind.

'Percival!' Theo exclaimed while walking towards Percival, leaving Arden behind. 'I thought you're in another country!' Arden said, surprised. 'Greetings Theo! Yes I was in another country but I finished my business there earlier than expected.'

'Great to hear then.' Arden said, as he enters the house. 'He must have been really tired.' Percival said. 'Anyways, Theo. I need to go to a nearby city, I have been invited to perform there. Take care of Arden first.' Said Percival as he rides the carriage.  'Farewell my friend!' Theo shouted.

The End

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