your pen

My pen.

My pen is an orange pen. It has orange ink, and it is erasable. The pen has a small gray eraser on the back, which is used to erase the ink from the pen.

It has white designs all over the body. It has spirals and circles and squiggly lines... and it has Pilot written on it. Why? Because Pilot is the company which MADE the pen.

On the packet of the pen, it says that you also get the same pen in green, red, blue and black. I want a blue pen like that. Then I can use it in my exams. You're only allowed to use blue or black pens in my school... and I prefer blue ones. If it's erasable, that means that my exam answer paper wouldn't be as messy as it is usually...

I also use this gravity pen. It works in space, so in zero gravity conditions. It's top heavy, so most people don't like to use it, but I prefer top heavy pens. It's a black ballpoint that my mom found in her cupboard about a week ago. She gave it to me. I like it.

I also enjoy using this blue gel pen. It has blue-ish purple-ish kind of ink, and it's quite nice. The bpdy of the pen is red, and it has the name of a medicine on it. Weird. But I like the ink.

That's it for my pens.

The End

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