the pen

?The Pen. What colour is it? I'm not really sure. It might be that green pen that I've always been fond of - the glass dip pen I bought in Italy. Or it might be the black-with-engraved-silver-handle-thing feather pen that I was given for Christmas. Or it might even be my fingers on this computer keyboard. I'm not really sure :o

Or, it might be that biro that I bought for approximately 3 pence (it was a pack of 30 for a small amount of money, so ... ) in Woolworths before it shut down in January.

I'm really not sure, at all.

However, I have a poem I am rather fond of. Please follow this link to read it :O

That's all from me today. I've thought enough about this notebook and this pen. But please, please, tell me what colour your notebooks and pens are!

The End

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