I'd love to fly. Which is impossible. As I've just proved using my super genious :)

If I jumped off of a building with HUGE wings on, and I flapped really hard, would I be able to fly?

According to the story of Icarus, it'a true. But what about reality? Would it be possible for a human being to fly, using purely their own manpower to flap, and without using any engines or electronics or fuel-requiring devices?

Well, we'd need MUCH bigger wings than birds. With a mass bigger than them, we'd need bigger wings too. Say the human in question is 30 times bigger than the flying bird we are considering. Then the wings won't need to be 30 times bigger, they'd need to be 30x30x30 times bigger. Imagine. My height is 30 time more than the bird's, my width is too, and so is my depth. So my total volume is 30x30x30 times bigger, or 27000 times bigger. So the wings would need to be 27000 times bigger than a bird's.

Well, I doubt that you'd be able to even LIFT wings that big to fly, let alone flap them up and down fast enough. Unless of course, you're the Incredible Hulk. Which I don't think so.

So there is no way for me to fly the way I imagined.


The End

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