Not named... yet.

Let's see...

Lemme write my To-Do list today.

  1. Physics project
  2. Math homework
  3. Language project
  4. Sit and write another five poems that can be options for the Autumn Poetry Writing Competition.

Ah. Let me explain the last one.

I am a complete amateur when it comes to poetry. I have been writing for only about 8 months, and many people have told me that, for a person of such little experience, my poems are very good. I decided to see the poetry writing level on Protagonize and see how good I was at judging by being a judge in the Summer Tournament. This time I want to see my own poetry level by competing in the Autumn tournament.

I know all the people taking part. They were in the previous one. I know that I probably won't make it past the first round, but that doesn't give me any reason not to try to win. As a result of which, I am freaking out.

I have been randomly writing poetry for the last few days, some in the middle of the night, some in the middle of Double Chemistry, some in the middle of Literature homework. Surprisingly, these poems are some of my best. I guess I work better under pressure.

I scramble words for dinner, make sauteed rhyme with a hint of meter for lunch, and eat Stanzas roasted on a bed of letters for breakfast nowadays.

The End

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