Cool-ism and Nerd-ism

Let me try my hand at being the psychiatrist... and let's delve into the mind of the average human teenager.

In most schools, there is atleast one 'cool guy' and at least one nerd. The nerd will be opressed by the 'cool guy' who has a huge army of other kids trying to be 'cool' like their leader. Most of the time, good natured as they are, the nerds will not mind and will continue reading a chemistry text book in their spare time.

Now let us try to disect the mind of the 'cool guy', and see the motives behind his actions.

Most of the time, the 'cool guy' is not acadamically strong, and this has led me to an idea- maybe, the 'cool guy' is feeling insecure with the fact that he is not smart, and so starts to tell himself that he doesn't need to be smart. Eventually, I'm guessing, these thoughts against acadamics soon morph into ones that tell him that studying is bad, and it is more important to look good and be popular.

I am guessing, that, to get himself to believe these ideas more firmly, he tries to spread this new religion, at first being the sole missionary, and then getting others to help spread the new thought of the day: that studying is bad, and anyone who studies should be shunned away from society.

Eventually, everybody gets sucked into this black hole, except for the small, elite group of people, the few beings who are confident enough and have enough self esteem to avoid the unintentional trap laid by the original 'cool guy'.

So the ones targeted are also of the small, and unfortunately shrinking group of confident people, the ones who work hard for their grades. They are targeted by the group of robots that the 'cool guy' has gathered.

The 'cool guy' bullies and makes life hell for the 'nerd', all because he knows that that nerd will amount to much more in his life than he ever will.

The 'nerds', most of the time, are immune to such attacks, and happily continue their normal activities. This is because they know that they will amount to much more than the 'cool guy' or his undead minions.

The End

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