I don't know...

(Note: To write in the notebook, I always use this special, erasable, orange pen.)

I don't know what to write.

I promised myself that I would write in this notebook everyday. I got it on Saturday, and started writing on Sunday. Today is Tuesday.

When I said I'd write in this everyday, I didn't mean like a diary. I already have one. In a diary you write what you did, and your secrets, and what you're feeling. This place... yo just write whatever you feel like. A short story, an article, and answer to a question. Anything.

Why exactly did I decide to write everyday? Maybe because I like to write. Maybe because I would have something to do when I was bored. Maybe because I thought it would improve my writing skills. Who knows? All I know is that it was a good idea.

But... what if I can't think of anything to write? What do I do then? Not write? Force myself to write something I don't like? just write anything that comes to my head, like I'm doing now?

I guess the last option is the best idea. I'll just randomly write whatever comes to my head at that moment.

But... what if then , I think of the same stuff I 'm thinking of now? I can't just write this same thing all over again! That would be cheating.

Ah... I love this notebook!!! Who cares if it's Ben 10. You can write in it, that's important. And the pages are so beautiful. Pure white, with just the perfect hint of Apple Green. White... the colour of purity, innocence. This notebook is so innocent... it knows nothing. It's nearly empty. I'm going to tutor it, show its innocent pages the world by filling up its pristine white pages. After I'm done, after this notebook is filled I'll continue with another one. And another one. After I finish showing the world to this notebook, it's innocent white pages will be orange. The color of energy. One of orange's parents is yellow, the color of wisdom. Innocent white pages will turn into wise orange ones.

The End

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