NacimientaDeLa Muerte

Anna makes me laugh.

She's a right queer!

I have had a lot of sudden "urges" today. I was out with my friends.

Suddenly, I had an overwhelming urge to use Chazzes hood as a bin, and started chucking stuff into it from the back. A friend joined in. I missed. His went in. The irony killed me. IT'S A SIGN!

Signposts... Are... COOL. Don't diss! They make good poles!

And then, I had an urge to buy chav hoops and pink stilletos. Hee hee, big pink ones. I can fit both my hands through them. The woman at the till must have thought I was a spaz, because I dressed like an emo and bought chav hoops in fluorescent pink. Teehee. And they say I have a double personality.

Double-entendre personality is more appropriate.

On the way home in the bus, I had a wierd flashback of my met-just-once friend Matt, telling me I had homosexual pregnant orange platypuses with terminal AIDS growing in my shoe.

Somehow, I had declined to believe him.

I should have done. I can't put those shoes on anymore. I'm scared they have platypus AIDS germs in them.

Can humans catch platypus AIDS?

Always use protection. Just in case. No matter what species.

Who knows? After all, I will be sticking loyally to the human race.

"Rate it even if you hate it, What the Buck XD"

The End

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