Dear Notebook. (If thats the correct way to adress this thing).

The divider between Ritu's and my pages is covered with pictures of Destery Moore and Yoh Asakura.

Flipping through the first few pages where I am ateempting to draw Horo Horo's spirt guide.

Ahh a blank page.

So here are some bits and peices of inspiration I cant quite find a place to place. Scribles bold title to this page.


If upside down cake was right way round cake

What would the world be about??  DONE (X)

To do.

Write poem about Morphine.  Done (x)

Write poem about Sainsburys.

Write poem about .. Him =D  Done (x)


Hmm done all those now. Hmm need ideas now.

Hmm Flips cover back down on Note Pad.


The End

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