Why do we exist? Why are things living? What are we here for?

These are very spiritual questions. Oh no, I'm not religious or spiritual. But Don't get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with being spiritual, or religious. I just don't believe in that stuff.

However, I think that these are very important questions. I mean, we're doing all sorts of stuff to our world. Global warming, preventing disease, deforestation, nature preservation. But, are we supposed to do these things? Are they important?

Why do we exist? Is it really because some atoms decided to react with each other, creating life, which evolved into us? Or did we just appear? Or, if the atoms did react to form biomolecules, why? Did someone tell them to? Did they have a feeling that something great would happen then? Did the atoms just feel like it? Or is it really that it just happened, with no thinking on anyone's part? What happened then, four billion years ago?

Why are things even there? Why do things even exist? Animals, plants, rocks, houses, computers, cloth, gold, plastic. Why does it all exist? Is it to make the world more interesting? Planets, stars, comets. Earth. Darkness. Light. Why is it there? To make the world 'more interesting'? Are we there to make the world more interesting? Why? Who is watching? What's the need to make the world "more interesting"? If someone is watching, who is it? God? Aliens? Energy? Are we just kind of museum exhibits in a different world? Are we just figments of someone's imagination? If we are, who made us up? God?

Why do we do the things we do? To make a difference? Why? Our actions only make a difference to us, so what even is the point of us existing, if it doesn't affect anyone else? Is it really as the scientists say, because conditions were right for this stuff to happen, so it just happened?

You might be asking: Why am I asking all these questions? Well, the answers to these questions, I think, will help me answer the most important question: What purpose do we serve here? Are we here to do something specific? Because if we are, I sure would like to do it.

I hope I can answer these questions. I think knowing the answers will benefit mankind greatly in their search for the ultimate truth.

The End

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