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I know. This is a Ben 10 notebook. Go on. Laugh at me. Haha... a girl is writing in a Ben 10 notebook. Go on. Say that.

But you know what? I don't care what notebook this is. It could be a Power Puff Girl (ewww) notebook, for all I care. But the fact remains. This is a notebook. I am a writer. A simple and true fact is: a writer has to write. What better place than a notebook?

As long as the notebook has pages and lines on the pages, it fits the bill. And the lines aren't even totally necessary. Size doesn't really matter. Well duh, I wouldn't want a notebook so big that I couldn't take it anywhere for fear of breaking a hundred things on the way. Neither would I like a notebook so small that I could only fit a word on every page. But as long as it is small enough to carry and big enough to write a decent amount on every page, the notebook is fine with me.

So this notebook satisfies all criteria. It even has lines on it. Perfect for any writer to quench their insatiable thirst for watching their ideas dry and stay permanent in a reference place(You see, a writer's head gets filled up with so many ideas per second, its gets a bit hard to remember all of them).

Another good thing about this notebook is that it is multi-purpose. One thing you must remember is that a writer isn't only an author. A writer is anyone who writes, whether for a living, or because they want to. An author, a poet, a journalist, a song writer. Even a scientist writing a research paper is a writer. So a notebook needs to be multi-purpose.

Imagine a scenario in a stationary shop. There are five notebooks, all identical to this one, lying on the shelf. First, a girl, say me, comes in and buys one. She takes it home and fills its pages with random thoughts that occur in her brain, like I am now. She lets out her burdens of the day, and the book becomes her companion.

Another person, say a poet, strolls into the store and spots this stack of notebooks. He buys one, goes home and fills it with beautiful verses. Then a song writer comes into the store. He buys a notebook from that stack, and writes in it the song that wins the Oscars the next year.

The fourth person to buy the notebook is an author. She fills it up with stories which win the Booker's award.

The person who buys the last notebook in the stack is a girl in twelfth grade. She uses it to write class notes in. That year she uses the notes to study, and aces the exams. She gets an opportunity for a fabulous college, and after college, a brilliant job.

See how versatile this notebook can be? The same notebook was used as a diary, a place for poems, music, stories, class notes. Each of those five people got something out of a simple notebook that changed their lives for ever. A simple piece of cardboard with sheets of paper inside it gave each of them a place to put their award-winning thoughts. The key to success.

So next time you pick up a notebook, with something weird on the cover like Ben 10, don't laugh. Just open it and judge it by a treasure trove inside.

Never judge a notebook by its cover!!!

The End

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