The Huge Protagonize Notebook

Like to write random things, but they aren't part of a story? Like to just write about anything, and anytime? Well... this story is for you!!!

Ever written anything that doesn't have a place in a story? Ever written anything like that, that is good, and the world needs to see? Well write it here!!!

This is the Huge Protagonize Notebook. If you ever have anything like that, please write it here!!!

It can be anything... a shortstory, an article, or even an essay.

You can even make it a kind of diary thing!!!

If you decide to do this... please make a different branch for yourself, with your account/ nick name/ real name and just a suggestion...

Please, if you start it, keep with it!!! Don't just post one thing and forget about it. Whenever you write things like that, put them here!!!

Oh yes... I have decided to do this everyday in this one notebook that I have at home. I do it once a day, and then I post it here. I'm not putting you under any obligation that you have to write everyday... just write whenever you feel like it!!!


The End

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