Chapter twoMature

The next  beautiful morning, as I am a light sleeper, I was awakend by the sound of a merry bird whistling on my pinkish window sill. It was one of the best awakenings ever! I looked out of my pink bedroom window and there I saw it, a dog in my back garden. A wolf in my back garden? It looked just like the kindly wolf in there park. Without a second glance, I put on my fluffy slippers and grabbed my coat on the way out of the oak door. I burst out, then looke around. It was gone! I stood there silent, I wondered if it was really there, or just a stange allution of my mistchievouse imagenation. Then Harriet, came with that cheerful smile she does when she has an idea, for a three year old, she is quite clever! " What are you thinking about, Harriet?" I asked curiusly, however she refused to tell me. As if she had forgotten what she was about to say therefore didnt want to addmit it. So we went inside and had breakfast. After that Harriet was sat in the middle of the room, so I sat next to her! I got out a traditional childrens book " The Three Little Pigs!" I annouced the simple title of the rather thin book.

" yeah." she sqeaked joyfully, as she came and sat next to me on the beautifuly illustrated carpet. Then i started.

" Once apon a time there were three little pigs. and they each decided to build each there own house..." I continued the story untill " Then sneakking round the corner was the big bad wolf!"

"Wolf!" Harriet yelled as she jumped to her feet.

"Yes that is a wolf Harriet,  good girl!"

"No wolf." she pointed to the window. I looked at the window startled in the hope that the wolf might have accually come back. However, I wasn't lucky, nothing was there. I looked at Harriet, she had a puzzled look on her face.

" C'mon, lets finish the story." I sighed. As she sat down next to me!

The End

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