The Howl Of The WolfMature

A girl and her little sisters who befriend a wolf until it all goes wrong

There I was, relaxed while I meditated on the beautifully illustrated carpet in my mothers cozy house. Never before had I been so calm, so peaceful like a new born baby, without a care in the world. I saw nothing, only the deep thouhts in my adventurousee imagination. My dark, radient hair swayed in the gentle breeze of the white fan that stood beside me. My ocean blue eyes were closed, not tight, however comfortabley sealed. In my htoughts I was a brave wolf, standing peacefully on a silver moutain, surrounded by nothing but the tender work of mother nature. Then I was back in my mothers lovely living room. My family didn't care for peace and relaxation. They say theres too much work to do, I on the other hand believe that without meditaion, I wouldn't be who I am.

The next day, I was playing joyfully with my three year old little sister, Harriet, in the colourful green garden. I could see the green recling bins that stood behind our cherry back door of the homely house- the house I grew up in. The cone shaped hanging baskets overflowed with decrituve flowers of all shaoes and sizes, were swaying in the gentle summer breeze. Every summer for as long as I can remember they had been there. The joyful birds played in there fantastitic bands as I listend to Harriets childish giggle as I tickled her "Stop it!" she laughed, with a tear of happiness in her chestnut brown eyes. So I stoped.

"Hush Harriet, listen!" I wispered " Can you hear the birds?" She nodded enthusiasticly as we listend carefully to the sweet song the fimiliar birds sang. Then I was an eagle, soaring through the red sunset sky, the fabulouse felling of being totally free rushed through my body like eletric lightening on a stormy night. My thoughts were awakend from that once in a life time day dream by  the sound of Harriets cheerful giggle. The sun was beating down on my head and i could tell harriet was thinking the same. Weirdly my mother shouted from the red door " Harriet, Emily come and get your hats!"  We both ran to get them, mine was simply a light brown straw hat with a pink bow round it. On the other hand Harriets was Royal red with flowers of all diferent colours round it. It looked great on Harrietand matched her golden, fair hair that hung down to her hips. Me and Harriet were best friends and we always will be!

We went into the house to get a drink after a while however decided to go for a walk. I took Harriet to the park. When we got there she ran into the play area, I followed slowly as there was a vicious looking dog in there ( I was terrified of dogs, and everything like them) It was staring at me, its bloodshot eyes peered at me, I felt my delicate heart beat fast. I was absolutely terrified, then its face relaxed and so did mine. There was a sort of smile on its tired face. Then Harriet called “ Emily, Emily! Will you help me down?” She had climbed too high on the tall climbing frame.

“Hold on tight, I’m coming.” I assured her. Then I got her down, even though I was a bit afraid of heights to, I still wanted to help her. We went over to the little orange swing, I tried to help her on, but she didn’t want me to. That’s one of the things I like about Harriet, she’s not one of these annoying little sisters who need help doing just about everything. I began to push her gently on the orange swing, but still looking kindly into the dogs eyes. We had bonded with each other. We had been at the park a good long while so I thought it was best if I took Harriet home, When I told her, she didn’t argue, she just obediently said “OK.” and jumped of the swing. On the way out of the exiting park, I patted the dog on the head. As I took my hand away, he put his pore on my hand, with a sparkle of his eye. Suddenly, I was a elegant gazelle, charging wildly in a meadow running from a viscous lion. Then I was awakened by Harriet Who said “Emily, did you see that wolf in the park? At that moment, everything went through my mine until I came to one conclusion. Harriet was right, it was a wolf in the park!

It was getting late and Harriet had gone to her tiny, cosy bed. I thought about going to bed myself however it was obvious that I certainly would not be able to sleep Therefore sat on the fairly comfortable floor, crossed my skinny legs, and began to calmly meditate . I was a thieving blackbird, returning happily to my cosy nest with a shiny golden ring, I was looking proudly at it. “How did I manage to find something this beautiful?” I squawked to myself in my pride. All of a sudden I heard rustling in the healthy leaves below me, then this gigantic hand of a human reached into my homely nest and stole the beautiful ring back. I was horrified. When I woke from my bizarre daydream I got up and went to bed. As I climbed the dark staircase I was still thinking about what had happened today. Even though I was sort of sure, I still doubted myself. Was that really a wolf in the park? That was the question I was certain that I would never know that answer to.

The End

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