eyes are awatching.Mature

Things were still pretty good between us at that point. I fell pregnant almost straight away, both of us thrilled by the news. Mark going over board with the plans, for a nursery. Everything in our lives going to plan, as if bigger forces were at work. But that’s how it had always been with us two. And this really was the icing on the cake.

Mark wanted a party, 'a double celebration' as he persuaded me over dinner one night. All our friends over, he even said that he would cook, just as long as i took it easy he was happy.

Most of the rooms had been completed now upstairs and the house was starting to feel like a home, our home. We deserved a night off after all the hard work, we had hardly ventured far from the house since we got back, except to work, the store and yet more building supplies. It would be good.

My friend Maize was the first to arrive, bringing with her partner Tom, and a few bottles of non alcoholic wine. I took their jackets and gave her a tour of the upstairs. Showing her the rooms, the wood Mark had stripped and the old fireplaces in the rooms, which added to the charm of the house. She loved it. Saving our room till last, as i went in and put the their jackets on our bed, sitting down, watching her walk around.

'oh my, hey this is amazing, is this The mirror' she asked touching the edge. 'Wow and so big"

I nodded my head. Watching her standing in awe or so I thought.

'Its got a feel to it" i said Feeling a draft again as Maize wrapped her arms around her and stood back. Not moving just looking, as i have done so often lately, transfixed, sucked in.

'hhmm,' she agreed 'kinda spooky feel to it' and the curtain fluttered with the breeze, leaving us both to turn and look.

'Thought there was a chill in here' i said. not realising that i had left the window open, getting up to close it. But as i pulled the curtain back i realised that it was already closed.

'that’s strange ' I said. As Maize came over.

'It'll be these old houses hun, Mark must have missed that one' she joked as she put her arm around me giving me a squeeze.

'hey your freezing too" she said rubbing my arms. 'You sure your feeling well?'

'Well as well as I can be" I tried to joke. Thinking of the baby, as we turned to walk out of the room.

'yes, well you got to take it easy now, you got another person to look after now......' as her voice trailed over.

'what is it?' I asked. Wondering why she had stopped, what had caught her eye, and as i followed her gaze over to the mirror.

'oh nothing honey' and she waved her arm. ' Thought i saw someone looking at me' and she laughed.

I looked from her to the mirror and back again. But I had felt it the last few days. Just at odd times, as if I wasn't alone here. Just in my room, now where else in the house though. A feeling. I had been keeping some laundry in the closet and felt it, the mirror burring into me, and then I' d turn and look and there's no one there. Just the mirror looking back at me.

' think we need to get you somewhere warmer eh' and she led me out of the room. 'lets see if Tom has cracked open some of that wine' and as she walked out of the room she turned to look once more. Back at the mirror, she shook her head and laughed to herself and i closed the door.

The End

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