Cries in the nightMature

My eyes were closed, finally i thought as sleep was induced. Mark sleeping silently besides me, legs akimbo. My eyes real heavy and my mind drifting off. It was all so quiet. Then I heard it. I jolted back from that semi conscious state, then again, just as my baby kicked. It had woken him too I thought as I rubbed my stomach. I could have swore I heard a cry, like a baby cry. It shrilled again, as I turned over on to my back, hands resting on my stomach as I felt the baby inside doing some kind of frenzied dance.

looking up at the ceiling, I listened straining my ears, seeing nothing but the outline of the lamp, the shadows cast from the moon light outside.

It was a quiet wail, but it tore into my ears. There was no mistaking it. It sounded like a child, a baby.

"mark, mark' I said out loud, my voice seeming to echo around the room, as I shook him urgently. My heart pounding and the baby still kicking away. As if he had heard it too.

He stirred, turning over and wrapping his arms around me. 'hhmm' he sleepily sighed. "what’s wrong babe?' he asked as he put his arm round me, resting his hand on my stomach.

'Hey, the little guy’s going for it eh’ he whispered. ‘He keeping you awake?’

‘Did you not hear it, Mark that cry?’ I asked. Fear sounding in my voice. ‘It was a baby’

‘well it sounded like a baby, crying’ I added.

‘you dreaming gorgeous, it’ll be just a dream’ and he stroked my hair. Holding me tighter as sleep talking in his voice.

‘go to sleep, I’m here,’ I didn’t say anything. Had I really heard it? Was I really dreaming? The baby has felt it too, heard its cries deep inside, stirred him up.

‘ and you little guy, give your mom some peace’ and with Marks touch my stomach stopped moving as if it had been soothed. Marks breathing soon became heavier again as I starred straight ahead into the darkness, just picking out shadows and lights in the mirror. My eyes not leaving it till they could take no more and took me off to sleep.


The End

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