The mirror.Mature

The first few weeks went by so quick. Both of us back in work, working hard. Weekends spent touching up and finishing off. The garden still over grown and imposing, making the back rooms look dark. It was next on our list. We were so in love. I couldn’t wait to get home and see what Mark had finished, taking so much care and time but we really didn’t care. The house was slowly swallowing us up, taking our time and draining our energy’s. Feeding off us, but somehow it didn’t feel bad.

I came home one afternoon, to see Mark hard at work. Busy sanding down a huge black mirror. He pulled his face mask down and kissed my cheek.

‘I rescued it from it from a house clearance’ he smiled.

Excitement in his voice.

‘I didn’t think it was up too much, but look’ he exclaimed

‘underneath all this paint, its solid oak’. The pride showing on his face.

And he set about his work, tools in hand as I got on with off loading the groceries.

It was huge, bigger than any thing I had ever seen. And it took pride and place in our room, filling the wall. Sanded down and varnished. It made our bedroom seem bigger still. ‘It kinda draws you in’ Mark had commented. Standing back and admiring his work. Hugging me close, arms wrapped around each other. I leaned my head on his shoulder looking at our reflection. The mirror watching us, the light reflected from the window, casting shadows in its realms. He kisses the top of my head, .‘come on lets go get some lunch’ and heads off downstairs as I stand and stare.

In awe of his work, how clever he is, I think.

Unable to move. Rooted to the spot. The mirror drawing me in. I watch as the light dances over the mirror, shadows forming, fleeting like the wind. There is no breeze, with the windows firmly closed in place and the day so still. A shiver runs down my spine and I wrap my arms around myself, feeling the cold. ‘I must get Mark to check out that draft’ I say out loud, still not turning from the mirror as for a faint second I see what looks like a face.

I shake my head, looking again. Coming in closer, my mind playing tricks.

‘it’s the light today’ I think and go to walk away. But first just touching the glass. Fingers only feeling it cold.

‘hhmm’ I smirk, shaking my head and heading off to join Mark.

Not looking back, as if I had. I would have seen. The face, the eyes watching me, following me out of the room.

The End

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