A normal day?

I streched and sighed as i sat at the breakfast table, my dad was drinking black tea and reading the newspaper. The sport pages obviously, i was reaching over to the coco pops when i looked at the newpaper.

It was an artical about a missing girl, it said

Harriet foster, aged 15, has been missing since september 2009,  Harriet disappeared over night and has not been seen since. Her distressed parents still insist that this behaviour was not in her nature, and her friends have stated that "She was a happy girl and never had any promblems, she wasnt even being bullied." This case seems not to be going away, the cheif police inspector admits they  have no new leads.

"How sad," I said to my dad hinting at the article, he skimmed it and frowned.

"don't you ever think about leaving, you hear?"  he said strangly serious, making me smile.

"aww haw sweet." I said mocking him, he just winked.

I stuffed a big spoon full of coco pops into my mouth just as there was a knock on the door. No one moved, i sighed exaggeratedly.

"What?" My dad said looking confused.

I just pushed past and opened the door, it was Lilly.

"Oh, look who it is." i said dripping in sarcasm. She looked ashamed.

"Sorry," She said, she suddenly looked seriously "have you seen yet?"

"What?" i asked, this girl was getting weirder and weirder.

"Umm well-" She stared but was cut of by my dad.

"What are you doing? Shut the door already, your letting the cold in!" my dad shouted.

i sighed but was thankfull and started closing the door, she put her foot in the way.

"Just be careful okay?" she said pleadingly.

"Leave me alone." I said slamming the door.

I stormed upstairs, i mean how dare she.

I opened the door that went into my libary and smiled at Rodney, he smiled back.

"how are you Rodney?" I asked, he moved his head and hinted to the ipod.

"oh you wanna listen?" I said walking over, his smile seemed to widen.

I went to pick up the ipod when my dad shouted "Oh f-flip!" he made me jump and i dropped the ipod i had just turned on. The back had fallen of and i saw it had no battery in.

I froze on the spot, the music? how? I looked at the screen and it was all bright. How?

Rodney seemed to wiggle in my arms. I bent down and looked at the engraving on the back.

To Harriet, happy 15th birthday, love mum and dad!

I was so busy staring in shock at the ipod that i didnt notice the door shutting by itself.

The End

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