The watched

I was huddled in the corner of my room reading my book, but not really reading i was too distracted and the book was long and had become slightly boring.

I decided to get another one from the libary, a quick glance at my watch told me it was nearlyy 9:30 pm. I tiptoed down the corridor and flicked the switch in the libary. And gasped.

In the middle of the room sat a teddy, it looked old, and i swear it looked at me. It was obviously once white but had turned grey with age and had big black eyes. I suppose it reminded me of an old teddy i had.

"Whats your name then?" I said walking over to the teddy and picking him up, he had a red bow on and on it had letters, but i couldnt make them out.

"i think you look like a Rodney." I said, not sure why i had picked out the name, Rodney had something in his hand, it was a small silver key.

"Is that what i think it is Roddy?" i asked the bear. I carefull put him down and he watched me pull up the board and get the box out.

"Time for me to see whats inside of the box Roddy," i said in a childish excied voice.

I pulled out the beautiful box and slid the key inside and twisted, there was a satisfiying click and i smiled over a the teddy, he smiled back.

Curiously i pulled open the lid and looked inside, there were a number of things, a very old silver comb, a gold heart shaped locket (which looked much newer), a black and white photograph, somewhere at the bottom a book which i extremly hoped was a diary and the thing that caught my attention the most, ipod head phones.

I looked over to the corner when i had placed the ipod, Rodney stayed focused on me as i got up and turned it on, i pugged in the headphones and braced myself for the screaming but it didnt come.

I heard a beautiful lullaby played on piano or something, it was lovely, according to the ipod it had been played over 100 times, maybe Lily was learning it? or maybe this was her playing and she wanted me to hear.

A noise from my mums room shocked me, i pulled out the headphones and put the ipod back and put Rodney up there to, then i put all the things hapasardly back into the box, locked it and returned the floor boards. I was just putting the key on my necklace when my mum walked in.

"Bed, half an hour okay?" She said, frowning, she must have had an argument with dad again.

"No its fine mum i will go now." i was about to get up when i saw i had left the photograph out, i picked it up slighly before almost running to my room.

I looked at the picture and my heart stopped, Lilly was in the picture, i looked at the back, summer 1910, Jenny, Lilly and the girls. It was deffinatly Lilly, and there were a lot of girls too, must be some sort of coninsidence.

I opened my draw and put the photo in, right on top of the ipod battery.



The End

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