The Noise

It was half past one on the dot when i woke up, and thats one thirty am, my room was freezing, like a fridge and i was shivering all night, but that wasnt what woke me, it was the noise.

The draw next to my bed was emmiting a high pitch buzzing sound, i fumbled round in the draw before pulling out the offensive object, it was the ipod i had been given by, whats her name? Oh Lilly.

I thought it was odd at the time, it was a very new ipod, and had an engraving on the back i hadnt noticed but i was too tired to read. I turned it off and placed it on top on the draw to sort out later.

Half an hour later i was woken again, the noise was buzzing and i turned it off again, but low and behold barley ten mins later it went off again, i just sat there realsing my beauty sleep was ruined, this time i left it humming.

It started to desterbe me though, becuase i started to hear actual music behind the buzzing, it sounded like the music you get on a fun fair, and actually it made me drift off again.

It was around four am when i was woken again, i smiled at the music, it seemed to be fading though and it was getting pretty annoying. For a while there was no sound, just a light buzzing, then the screaming started.

It sounded like children screaming, screaming and screaming, it brought tears to my eyes. I tried and tired to turn it off, but the screaming continued, i slammed it on the desk, dropped it in my glass of water, i buried it under my covers, i tried to lock it away in the desk.

The screaming continued, eventually i threw it at the cupboard and the back and battery fell out, it went quite, my heart was beating so fast i felt like i had just run a marathon and tears ran down my cheeks.

As it happens my mum woke me up at eight, she hadnt heard the screaming and i managed to convince myself it was a dream, i mean i looked for the broken ipod and it wasnt at the bottom of my cupboard. I found it snuggled up in my draw where i had left it.

Still i wasnt going to have that thing in my room so i took it into the libary, and to be sure i took out the battery and put that in back in my desk.

My mum pulled me out of the door at 10 am sharp.

Thats when i heard the music from upstairs, the fun fair music.

It was just a dream, just a dream i told myself

but it wasnt.


The End

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