The sent

I returned to the house, my house, it had a distinct smell of damp and cold. My dad had gone out somewhere and my mum was busy working in the kitchen trying to get it clean.

I casually walked past her srubbling the floor and walked into the room at the back, i guess it was a dinning room but it wasnt very big, i had wooden floors and a not very stable looking back door.

Through the windows i could see the jungle of a garden we owned, there was probably all sorts out there, snakes, rats, foxs and god knows what else. The grass had to be waiste deep out there, that actually needed to be sorted.

I made my way to walk past my mother but she grabbed my leg making me stumble.

"Hey mum," I managed to get out between giggles. She looked up and smiled.

"You think you can get away with doing no work young lady you have another thing coming." she laughed.

I sat on the floor next to her and she sighed loudly.

"You know theres this illness, its called being ocd." i said, she turned and poked me laughing.

"Fine run along and start creating your libary," she said mocking me.

I didnt need to be asked twice and i ran up the stairs two at a time, then headed for the little room which would be my libary, the walls had been painted white and i had some book shelves up. All i needed now was some sort of chair, and carpet.

I pushed open the door and the smell hit me, it wasnt an unpeasent smell at all, and it certanly wasnt the damp smell, it was like candyfloss and balloon rubber and, and baby food?

How odd, i couldnt figure out where the smell was coming from, i walked all around the room smelling, probably looking crazy, actually no deffinatly looking crazy. After exhausting my nose, and my legs i came to the conclusion it was from the floor board and sat down on them.

From this height i could just make somethingg out under one of the floor boards. Carefully i prised up the slightly damp wooden board and pulled out and ornate looking wooden box. It was around the size of two large books on top of another, it had carvings on of birds and flowers and annoyingly was locked.

Though i tried i couldnt open the box, defeted i dumped the box back under the floor board and pulled out a red pen, i marked a small x on it.

I headed out of the room to scavenge for food, taking one last deep smell of the room, i paused to pull out my phone and listen to the music, the ipod clattered loudly on the floor. I left the door wide open as i headed to my bedroom and i tried to make the ipod work, it seemed to have water damage or something, so i put it in the draw next to my bed.

I left and headed back down stairs, passing my libary, the door was firmly shut and if my music wasnt paying so loud, i probably would have heard the laughing.


The End

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