The house over the road, the red balloon

A story of a new house and a very weird streat with even weirder neighbours!

I sighed as i put down the last box, all i needed to do was unpack it and that was it, i would be officially moved in.

Despite the fact that I hadnt wanted to move in the first place i was excited about the prospect of my own room, and my own study (which i fully intended to turn into a libary).  Now i know what your thinking, what a book worm, but i guess i used the books as an escape, my parents were  constantly fighting and my brother just blasted out music at all hours of the day.

I liked to escape to a land where any dream could come true, anything could happen, like the discovery of fairies or monsters, or new places. I could rule narnia or fall in love with a vampire or be terrified by frankenstiens monster, and i loved it.

I headed down the corridor and into Kitchen, where surprise, surprise my parents were arguing about who had done more work or some other rubbish, so i went into the living room and picked up the book i had disgaurded there, and it was a particulary good book but as i was getting into it movement caught my attention.

My eyes were dragged to the left and out of the bay windows to the house over the road, to be precises the top left window where a young girl stood with her face pressed up against it staring straight at me. To be honest it was slightly  creepy, but she smiled and turned away.

I wonder how long she had been watching me. which raised a more pressing point, why was she watching me?
I pushed the thought aside as my mothers shrill voice ecoed though the house.
"Chloe darling can you do me a favour and take something to Annies next door?"
great, Annie was the local looney who mum had decided to start caring for, i picked up the box that contained some left over pasta thinking about how that was not an amazing gift and got ready to settle into the tone of this new life and i put the book down.

I slammed the heavy wooden door behind me to show my general irritation of this task and headed to Annies, i made my way carefully down her path which was overgrown and broken, making sure i looked out for all the rubbish as well.

I knocked on her door, three clear knocks and waited, and waited, and waited. I knocked again slightly sheepishly and an angry looking woman opened, her hair was pulled back into a greasy brown ponytail and her clothes were dirty.

Without a word she grunted and took the container, then slammed the door in my face. I rolled my eyes and turned making sure to stamp on every piece of rubbish before slamming the gate which already hung at an worring angle, i looked up and was shocked by the mystery girl who was standing over the road.

She was very pale and wore a really old fashioned dress , it was like a pinafore dress, her clothes were about as grey as she was the only colour on her was the brown leather bag she carried  wich was hung open.

Cautiously she headed across the road, never breaking eye contact and i just stood with my mouth hanging open in shock.
"Whats with the face, you look like you've seen a ghost." came the sweet voice from the girl. She smiled sweetly and  handed me a ipod.
"Why you giving me this?" I asked
"Call it a birthday present." She said smiling wider, i just stared in confusion.
"But, i dont even know you, i dont even know your name." I said stunned
"Oh how silly my names Lily," she said, still holding the ipod out to me "oh that rhymes." she giggled.
There was something about her, she was smiling but it didnt reach her eyes, actually it looked like she would cry.
"Im Chloe," I said "I just moved in here."
"I know," She said " I was watching you."
"Yes...about that," I started but was cut off by my phone, i couldnt be my mum calling could it?, number with held.
Lily looked at me weirdly, with a mix of curiousness and worry.
"Hello?" I asked into the phone, no responce, just static, then in the static, is that a child?
"Hello who is this?" I aked again, just more static. I met eye contact with Lily she looked wide eyed, she hinted for me to give her the phone. i handed it over.
"If you arent going to respond then hang up." She said with a harshness you wouldnt think could come out of a little thing. She hung up and handed me the phone, and the ipod.
I looked down at the things in my hand, i looked up to question her but she was gone, no sight of her. weird.
behind me i saw a red balloon tied onto the gate.

The End

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