The House On the Hill (2008)Mature

Written in 2008.

In an abandoned town, on a large hill, sits a large house. Everything appears to be normal with the house, and the inhabitants appear to hospitable and friendly. A group of teens is about to find out that not everything is what it appears...

On top of a small hill in the abandoned community of Baie Vert, sits an old two story house. No one knows much about the previous owners. Except the people who know the legend.

The previous owners were a young couple, in their early twenties. They had two children, a young boy and girl. The little girl loved her dolls. They meant everything to her. While the little boy enjoyed playing in the attic. When the family moved into the house everything went fine the first few months. But all that changed. At first they noticed the small noises, like the sound of footsteps at night, and opening cupboards and doors. Then things started getting strange. They would find objects moved, sometimes right before their eyes. Then things got violent. Knives would start flying through the house and try to impale the parents, at night they would see people out of the corners of their eyes. Then the night that changed everything. Passers by could see the parents running through the house and screaming...horrible, horrible screaming. just stopped. The lights turned off and in the morning there was no sign of the parents or the children. The girls dolls still lined up on the shelf...the boys toys still in the attic. After that night, everyone left Baie Vert...that is...until now...

"Great fucking driving Mark!" Yelled Tim Krantz. Mark Isis looked up from working on the flat tire. "Why don't you blame Kirsty for covering my eyes while we were driving?" Kirsty White stuck her head out of the busted van. "I was only playing" Mark and Tim looked at her. "Okay, okay, ill be quiet." Kirsty pulled her head back into the van. Mark continued trying to patch the tire and Tim emerged from the van. "I'm going to walk up the road and see if there's anyone who can help us." Mark nodded and Tim walked up off the road. "Mark...hurry up...Im hot..." Kirsty whined. "Fuck off" He muttered under his breath.

Tim walked up a small hill and came to an old two story house. The paint was peeling and the yard was terribly overgrown. The woods behind the house was creepy and there was a dense fog around it he also noted. Tim walked up to the front door and knocked loudly. When no one answered Tim turned to walk away then the door squeaked open. There stood a little girl with shoulder length black hair and a pink plaid dress. "Hello little girl, are your parents home?" The little girl shook her head. "Well do you know when they're going to be back?" Again the little girl shook her head. Tim started walking away. "Is it okay if me and my friends come here for the night, our van broke down. Your parents wouldn't mind would they?" The little girl nodded and said. "Its okay." Tim smiled and walked away down the road. He looked back at the house, the door was closed again and there was no sign of the little girl.

"Guys! I found a place where we can stay for the night." Announced Tim as he walked up to the van. Mark was sitting against the side of the van. Kirsty jumped out of the van. "Good, I need a shower something awful." Mark got up and looked at Tim. "I cant believe you're related to that man" Mark laughed. "I know" Kirsty shoved Mark playfully. "Come on, you know you cant hate your little sister." Tim shook his head. "Anyways, there's a house we can stay at. Its just on top of that hill." Tim gestured towards the top of the hill. "Well what are we waiting for? Its getting dark." The three started walking up the hill.

Tim knocked on the heavy front door. "Hello? Little girl?" Mark turned towards the road and sighed. Kirsty giggled. "Looks like no ones home" Tim turned around. "I guess were sleeping in the van" Then the door squeaked open. Kirsty screamed and jumped. Tim turned around and saw the little girl standing there. "Hello there little girl. Are your parents home yet?" The little girl nodded and turned around and walked into the house. Tim and Mark looked at each other hesitantly. Kirsty skipped into the house. "Come on guys" Tim and Mark walked into the house. "Wow...nice house" Said Mark as he looked around. The door slammed loudly behind them making them all jump. "L...little girl?" Called Tim. The little girl walked out of a large room that appeared to be a dining room for special occasions. "Mr., If you must call me anything, call me Miranda." Tim smiled. "You're a smart little girl aren't you?" The little girl giggled and walked into the dining room, then into a larger room which was obscured by a door. "Should we follow her?" Asked Mark. Kirsty looked around. "There's something about this house that gives me the creeps..." Tim and Mark nodded in silent agreement. "Tim...are you and your friends coming?" Came Miranda's voice. Kirsty, Mark, and Tim walked through the dining hall and into a large living room. Miranda was no where to be seen. "Miranda?" Called Kirsty. Tim went and sat down on an old brown recliner. "We might as well make ourselves comfortable, right?" Kirsty and Mark looked at each other. "Miranda honey?" Called Kirsty once again. "Who's there?" Came a young boys voice from upstairs. Tim jumped out of the chair. Kirsty giggled then blushed when he smiled at her. A young boy with nicely combed blonde hair and dress type clothes was at the bottom of the stairwell. Odd...I never saw him come down the stairs. Thought Mark to himself. "Who are you?" Questioned the little boy. Tim walked up to the little boy and stuck out his hand. "I'm Tim, that's Kirsty, and that's Mark. Our van broke down just down the road? Your sister told us we could stay here." The little boy looked at Tim with his huge brown eyes. "I think you're lying...I think you're burglars here to steal things and kill us. Don't make me get my daddy!" Kirsty got this worried look on her face and Tim backed away. Mark looked at the little boy. "Son...were telling the truth. Your sister Miranda let us into the house." The little boy looked at Mark carefully, then called for his sister. "Yes, Henry?" Mark, Kirsty, and Tim all jumped at the same time and turned around to face Miranda. "But...didn't she..." Started Tim. Mark cut him off. "Miranda, you let us in didn't you?" Miranda nodded and looked at her brother, Henry. "How could you think these nice people were burglars?" Henry smiled. "Just testing them" Miranda giggled and ran out into the kitchen. Henry pointed upstairs. "You can stay in the bedrooms upstairs. There's only two guest bedrooms so two of you will have to share a room." Then Henry walked slowly up the stairs and out of sight. "There's something...un-nerving about them" Pondered Mark. "I just cant quite put my finger on it." Tim started walking up the stairs. "Where are you going?" Asked Kirsty. "To bed, I'm tired as hell" Kirsty grinned. "I'm coming too" Kirsty and Tim walked up the stairs and Mark heard a door close. "Maybe Ill look around"

Kirsty lay in bed watching Tim undress. She found herself looking at him and wanting him, wanting him bad. Tim saw her looking at him. "What" Kirsty quickly looked away. Tim laughed then climbed into bed beside her. He stared into her eyes. She stared back. "Tim...I want you so bad..." They started kissing passionatly. Neither of them saw the dolls on the shelf above them. Neither of them saw the one in the middle raise its head. The one that looked like a medivel jester with incredibly long arms and legs. They didnt see it stand up and look down on them. They couldnt even hear it laugh maniacally over their own sighs and moans...

Mark walked into the kitchen and saw nothing out of the ordinary. Just normal things you would find in a kitchen. Thats when a powerful smell overcame him. It was the smell of rotten meat and gangreen. Mark started to get dizzy then the smell went away. "What...what the fuck was that." He said out loud. Some people would tell you, that at that very moment, hell on Earth was unleashed in that house. But the people that know, they would tell you that house was hell on Earth, and it had awakened. The wallpaper became yellow and torn, the walls peeled and cracked, it even crumbled in some parts. The house now appeared if it was over a hundred years old, with no care to it. At first Mark thought he was imagining things. But then he heard the voices. Just small mutters, but he could hear them. He couldnt understand them, but he knew they werent saying anything pleasent. He quickly looked around. "Tim and Kirsty!"

The jester doll dropped down onto the bed, still laughing hysterically. Tim saw it. "Holy shit!" He fell out of bed. Kirsty started screaming. The jester dolls arms stretched out and held down Kirstys arms. she started kicking. "Tim! Help me!" Tim looked around, the walls and everything looked old and frail. "Tim! Please help me!" Thats not Kirstys voice thought Tim. Tim turned to see Kirstys body, laying limp on the bed, her stomach and chest flayed open and her insides dripping out onto the floor. "Oh...oh..oh shit" Tim pulled his pants on quickly and ran out of the room.

Mark saw Tim running down the stairs. "Tim! Theres something terribly wron with this house!" Tim was white as a ghost and was covered in a cold sweat. "Tim...wheres Kirsty?" "Im right here guys?" Kirsty walked into the kitchen from the dining room. "But...I just saw you killed!" Tim almost whispered. Kirsty looked at Tim oddly. "I was taking a shower and heard you scream so I got out and you were gone. What happened to the house? It looks old and crumbly" Tim and Mark looked at eachother. "Like I was saying, theres something terribly wrong with this house and we need to get out. Now" Kirsty turned to the door but it was gone. Where the door had been now there was just wall. They all looked around just to make sure nothing else was happening. Then they walked into a back room were there was a rusted fridge and rotten food. "Look! Theres a door!" said Mark. He walked over to it and tried to open it. It wouldnt budge. "Use your muscles man." Tim pushed Mark out of the way and opened the door with no trouble at all. But the room suddenly got freezing cold. A blood curdling scream filled the air. Kirsty started screaming in fright. Mark backed into the wall and stared in horror. The corpse of a woman with a knife impaled through her neck walked into the doorway and grabbed Tim. Tim tried to scream but nothing escaped his lips. He stared in blank horror at Mark. The corpse woman unleashed another blood curdling scream. Kirsty fainted and fell against an old shoe rack. Mark collapsed to the floor and watched as his best friend was dragged backwards into the freezing room.

"Kirsty...Kirsty...wake up Kirsty" Kirsty awoke to the sight of her brothers pale, worried face. "Tim..." Mark got a solemn look on his face and looked at the floor. Kirsty looked at the door that had just had the rotting woman in it. "Tim..."

Mark and Kirsty slowly walked out into the kitchen, looking around and making sure there was nothing coming for them. The image of the rotting woman with the steak knife through her neck burned into their inner memory. "Mark...were going to die" whispered Kirsty. Mark looked at the ground. "Probably..." Thats when the whispers started again. Faster this time, and even more unintelligable. Kirsty started pounding on the front door. It opened with ease this time. Kirsty looked at Mark then ran out the door. She looked back just as the door closed in Marks startled face. "Mark! Mark! NO!" She heard Marks muffled voice from inside. "Ill be fine, find help!" Kirsty ran into the foggy woods, and vanished from sight.

Mark turned around and started looking for a way out. Thats when the dolls appeared in the doorway, the jester laughing maniacally, stood at the front of the miniature army. Mark heard that terrible blood curdling scream and whirled around to see the rotting woman standing in the other doorway. Standing beside her to her right was a man, rotting flesh from the hips down, a bloody skeleton from the hips up. The half man started what appeared to be laughing, his bloody, cracked jaw clacking up and down. Mark looked to the rotting couples left. There stood the corpse of Tim. His face sliced all to pieces, one of his eyes dangling from its socket. Dripping blood and other putrid oozes, he started smiling at Mark. He was missing a great deal of his teeth, but where the perfect white teeth had been now stood paperclips, protruding at odd angles out of his bleeding, pussing mouth. The army of dolls started slowly walking towards Mark, as did the tri of rotting dead people. Mark bolted across the kitchen and swung open a door that led up to the attic. He closed the door behind him and ran up the steps.

"Hello Mark." Said Miranda as he reached the attic. She was sitting in an old worn, yellow chair. Her hair fallen over her face so that you couldnt make anything out. "Miranda...what...what is this?" Miranda lifted her had and revealed what was hiding behind the hair. Raw, bloody gristle and muscle. No skin remained, just the wet, sticky muscle beneath. Mark gasped and stepped back a little. "What is it Mark? You look like youve seen a ghost." Thats when Henry walked out of a room that came off from the right of the attic. "Yes Mark, Miranda is quite right." Henry ripped his shirt off revealing his ghastly secret. He had no skin covering the front section of him. His organs fully visible. They dripped and oozed all over the floor. His dead heart spewing blood everytime it would beat. Mark threw up all over the floor. The vomit mixing with the blood and other bodily liquids creating a redish brown goop that leaked through the floor boards and splattered down into the kitchen with sickening "plops" Miranda and Henry stared at Mark. "Be one with us Mark. Be one" The house seemed to growl along with Miranda and Henry. Mark started down the steps but then remembered what awaited him down there. Miranda giggled. "Theres no way out Mark." Mark looked around the room and his sight fixed on a large window. He smirked. "Ill see you both in hell." Mark ran between the started Henry and Miranda and shattered through the second story window.

Mark awoke outside the house on the front deck, He quickly got to his feet and looked at the house. Miranda and Henry stared out the dirty windows at him. The dolls lined up and looking as well. Mark was running towards the woods when he saw his sisters body wrapped in vines and hanging from a tree. She was dead, he noted from the large pool of blood beneath her. Mark spun around and ran for the road. He got out onto the road and ran down the hill. He ran faster than he had ever run before. Thats when he noticed the pain in his left shoulder. He stopped and looked. There was a shard of glass stuck through his shoulder. "Fuck." Mark ripped the glass out and threw it on the ground, shattering it and sending droplets of his warm blood onto the pavement. Mark staggered to his van and climbed into the drvers side. he turned the key and started driving down the road with his flat tire. "Wait a minute" He thought aloud. "The tires not flat anymore." Mark sped up and started going fifty over the speed limit, trying to get away from the house that had just killed his friend and his sister, and nearly killed him as well. Mark let out a sigh. "Who could have fixed the tire?" A voice came from the back seat. "I did" All of a sudden Mark awoke in the house. He wasnt afraid anymore however. He felt at home now. "So Mark, how do you like our new home" Said Tim as he walked up beside Mark. Mark looked down at the huge gaping wound in his shoulder. "I like it just fine."

Remember, the next time you pass a house thats believed to be haunted, or you live in a house you believe is haunted. It just might be. This tale you just heard happened in a house, not so different from yours, in a town or city not unlike yours, and trust me, you have a Miranda and a Henry in your house too. Its only a matter of time before they get you too...

The End

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