Depictions of Fire

Darien sat up in the bed that was not his own. The comforter he sat on was decorated with an image of fire and brimestone. The bright red theme complimented the rest of the room. Everything seemed to be red with yellow and orange thrown in for flavor.

The room was dark, though, so details beyond the bed and the comforter were difficult to see. Darien looked up at the ceiling. A few feet away there appeared to be a light fixture. A drop cord could be seen hanging from it.

Darien stood up and took a few steps toward the light. After he pulled the drop cord, a dull red light filled the area. Some of the details of the massive room could be seen. The room was as big as the infield of a baseball diamond.

There were many beds laid out in a grid pattern. There was a light fixture for every four beds. A few of the lights were turned on in different areas of the room.

Almost all of the comforters were decorated with a similar but different fire image. One bed several rows over in the center of the room was different, but Darien couldn't see it clearly. The added red light didn't raise the light level of the entire room by all that much.

Darien walked over to the bed in the center of the room. As he got closer, he noticed that the bed was bigger than the others. He guessed it was a full size whereas the others were all twins.

When he was just a few rows away, he could see that the comforter wasn't red at all. It was decorated with a blue watery image. What does that mean? he thought.

Darien turned his attention to the walls. All of the walls were painted with scenes right out of hell. People of all ages were depicted as near naked slaves being whipped by demons. Another scene showed people locked up in cages. The anguish on their faces was obvious.

A third scene showed demons cutting off the limbs of screaming people. A fourth scene showed demon doctors - complete with red smocks - surgically sewing the limbs from one person onto the body of another.

A lava river flowed in and out of the scenes. There were boiling bubbles throughout the length of the river.

Darien noticed that there was not one pitch fork depicted. I wonder why that is the case, he thought.

There was a normal looking door near the corner where two walls met. The door was painted red, of course. There was a very normal looking brass knob on the left side of the door. He grabbed it to open the door. The knob was extremely hot, but his hand did not burn.

He started to yell out in pain, but he stopped himself when the pain did not come. Is that one of my new powers? he thought.

He opened the door and walked through to what lay on the other side.

The End

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