The Portal

Darien signed the contract.

All at once an enormous pressure pushed down upon him and he thought his body would break under the strain. A rip appeared in the barrier that separates heaven and hell from earth.

Darien's reality melted as the rip became wider. Soon it was five feet across and about ten feet high. The world he saw on the other side of the tear was dark except for bursts of flame. He could hear screams of agony and the moans of the undead.

A deep and ominous voice came from behind him:

"Step through the tear." 

Shaking with fear, Darien turned to look behind him, expecting to see the businessman.

In his place was a ten foot tall monster with red eyes and fangs. Its skin gave off an odd reddish glow while saliva dripped from its jowls. The scent of rotting meat, smoke, and brimstone hung heavy in the air. Darien realized that he was gazing upon the true form of Satan. 

With a terrified cry, he stepped through the gateway and fell.

He plummeted downward, all the breath torn from his lungs. The air became increasingly hot as he fell. A quick glance beneath him confirmed his worst suspicions: He was falling toward an ocean of lava.

Darien screamed in agony as he came into contact with the blazing substance. His skin blistered and burned away while his bones turned to ash. The pain was too much and the body was gone, but the consciousness was held tight by Satan.


Darien awoke and found himself in a bed that wasn't his own. At first he thought the events that had taken place earlier were all part of a strange drunken dream, but upon looking around, Darien realized that he wasn't anywhere he recognized. 

He then remembered that quite recently he had fallen to his death into an ocean of lava, and therefore should not be alive. Looking down at his body, Darien saw that it was clean, slender, wiry, and completely free of blemishes.

The End

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