Devil's Wife

    All the servants adored her, she was beautiful. Who couldn't like her? With her hpynotic blue eyes, dark red lips that was always had a kind word for everyone. Yes the servants all loved the gentle lady Persephone.

  Persephone was in the rose garden watering the roses with a watering can. She tried to ignore the servants who watched her. What did they know? They worshipped her yet they didn't know anything about her. She hated  herself. Yes, she was beautiful beyond words. But what good was it to be pretty when your the wife of the devil himself.

 At first she thought she could grow to love her husband. Honestly she had tried hard, very hard. But Satan didn't seem to love her at all. Sometimes he'd drop a gift or to into her lap. Persephone didn't want gifts she wanted to be love! Was it to much to ask for?

 Secretly she loved her husband, she had always loved him. All she wanted to know was did he love her to?

The End

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